A multi-angle approach to firming

LIFTANT is a targeted serum designed to give skin firmness and elasticity. Fusing the Japanese ancient wisdom of fermentation and modern scientific technology, LIFTANT helps you achieve younger-looking skin. The LIFTANT formula is a luxurious combination of 15 ingredients: 4 fermented ingredients, and 11 others, including those found in the skin and in nature. Feel uplifted as LIFTANT tightens and firms skin, creating skin that feels soft and bouncy.

Exquisitely designed, all-round indulgence

Naturally Plus’s first ever special care product, LIFTANT Firming Serum is targeted skincare excellence in a designer bottle. LIFTANT is your source of reassuring indulgence every morning and night. Firm up your skin, uplift your spirits—the power to awaken your beauty is in your hands.

Secrets of the Legendary Beauties

Since ancient times, women have explored ingenious and skillful ways to make themselves more beautiful. Even Cleopatra and Consort Yang, exalted as women of great beauty during their time, are known to have experimented with various beautifying methods, making them forerunners in the art of beauty and skincare. We now reveal their beauty secrets!